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2Samuel 22:47

31 October 2011

Rip VanWinkle{s} and a Corn Maze

While Granpa Bill was visiting, we took a little trip to the local orchard and corn maze.  Apparently we stayed in the maze a little longer than anticipated as Braden, Tarver and Ryland all grew beards, moustaches and, yes, even ear hair.  Eew!! 

I'm not sure if this incident reminds me more of Rip VanWinkle or MacGyver - Granpa's endless supply of chewing gum came in very handy for attaching the corn silk accessories!

While waiting for the boys to shave I enjoyed looking at the beautiful fall colors.

Granpa Bill and The Boys


  1. What great pictures. I love seeing the fun they have. Love Gramma

  2. I went back to check which kid had the hair in the ear!! aka ear hair!!! I've come to the conclusion that it is "the ear of corn with the hair in the ear" lol Love Gramma