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2Samuel 22:47

21 March 2014

Spring Flowers

The first day of Spring was met with great shouts of joy and eager anticipation for planting.
Gardening season can begin at any time now.
It can stop freezing at night, I would be okay with that.  Any time. Now.
Pretty Please.
Yesterday I was met at our front door with signs of Spring blooming in our front planter.
My dear sons obviously have a green thumb - look at this large flower in full bloom in the planter.
I'm sure I didn't plant this one.
I believe this flower goes by its Latin name,
Machinus gunnas officianalis
I'm just glad to see something growing outside.

The plants in the greenhouse seem to be happy, happy, happy.
I can hardly wait to put them in the ground.  Isn't this Johnny-jump up cheerful? 

Out of sheer curiosity, or boredom, I made a head count of the seedlings growing and taking over our home.  We only have 1,080 baby plants growing in our dining room, great room, guest room and greenhouse these days.  And I still want to plant more!

1 comment:

  1. Love the newly named plant in the top picture. :) That's one that even I can grow! (or at least my boys can!)

    Over a thousand baby plants?!?! You amaze me, Hollie. What a lovely gift you have for making things grow.
    While we haven't put our garden in yet (many Texans have by now), we are starting to see the wild bluebonnets bloom, which is something even a non-green thumb like me appreciates!